The Good Stuff is my own app concept, created during the General Assembly UX Design course I completed in 2021.

I wanted to investigate the link between phone usage and general happiness; and if people are prioritising their wellness.

After conducting interviews (with assumptions) and affinity mapping the responses, I realised that people weren’t as unhappy with their phones as I thought.

During the pandemic, I became hyper-aware of how news is presented to us –

and how none of it is ever good.

The problem statement:

A technology user needs a more positive experience when using their device so that they can improve their mental wellbeing.

So, how might we…

turn users’ existing experience with their phones into a more positive one?

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

After conducting user testing of my mid-fidelity prototype, it became clear that the design needed to be simplified further.

The app was designed to decrease stress — not overwhelm or confuse the user with complicated UI.

I wanted to ensure users were guided through the app with an onboarding flow, and had minimal clicks to get to the content.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes for User Testing

Using the feedback I received from user testing, I refined the UI even further.

The next steps will involve guerilla testing to find out: is this app actually making people happier? 

If it is, are people sharing their happiness with others?

The development continues…